The Lorax by Lettycia

There was once a nice, big space of grass and trees. It was beautiful. Then one day I was walking my dog and then a tractor nearly ran me over! They were ruining the grass and the trees. They were bringing in cranes that were huge. Then ALL of a sudden…there was no green.  Then a couple of days later, I was walking my dog when I saw a MASSIVE factory. They destroyed a perfect park for a FACTORY. It just puts pollution ALL OVER. This made me mad and sad at the same time. Please stop all the pollution.

2 thoughts on “The Lorax by Lettycia”

  1. Lettyica,
    I can feel the narrator’s emotions. I understand why they would have the mix of mad and sad.
    Your title fits so well. Are you a fan of Dr. Seuss? Thank you for writing in a way to increase awareness for the changes in our world and how humans play a part.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

  2. Hello Lettycia, this is a very emotive piece of writing. You have been very clever in how you created the before and after images. The fact that you used the normal, friendly, nice activity of walking your dog in the park, against the harsh, powerful image of the tractor works really well. Using the first person, “I” helps the reader think this person really knows what they are talking about as they experienced what happened in the park. Well done.

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