100 WC nov. 16 Vince

Once upon a time, a man was making an invention but he didn’t know how to make the crafty part. So he went to the castle but got stuck in a storm of leaves. He put his tent up so he could rest but he was scared.  So he went outside of the tent to check what was going on. Suddenly something moved out of the wood covered in white leaves. The man packed his things and left in the morning. Back at his house, he decided the color of his invention was white. The invention was a big success.


100 WC nov.16 Issaiahs

One day a man came across a white leaf and picked it up. The man ran down to the castle so fast that he was rolling down the hill. He went and showed it to the crafty kid. The kid said that white leaves are really rare to find. Next, he went to the princess to see if it was a real white leaf. The suspense was killing me when she came back and told the man that it was real. It was worth a lot of money so I sold it to the princess for 1,000 dollars and became rich.

100 WC nov. 16 Alonzo

One time the people were looking at a rock that was rolling toward the white castle. The men had to stop the big rock from hitting the castle. So they had to throw another rock at it and now it was going to hit the white house. They had to come up with another plan quickly to stop the rock from hitting the white house. They got a bigger rock and hit it again and it broke into pieces so they had to go and pick up the rock pieces and they put it in a bag. The men won.

100 WC nov. 16 Jamie

The leaves are falling rolling down the side of the white castle. Princess Alex loves to craft and is the most crafty one in the castle. Her little sister, Alana loves to roll down the hill on the west side of the castle. One night Alex snuck out of the window and she met a prince who helped her collect crafting supplies. It took all night to finish. At breakfast, she was not home and it was snowing, everything turned white. At the prince’s castle, Alex was safe and dry. She called home to let them know where she was.

100 WC nov.16 Riley

The leaves were rolling in the wind heavily.

Inside the people were making crafts with their crafty hands.

People were making axes and they were pretty dang crafty to use.

A week has passed and the paint on the white castle was coming off.

So they decided to repaint it. Then some rolling leaves flew into the castle.

Then came a rolling barrel going right for the castle then it turns out 

To be a gift from some fellow people. and we were thankful for

The gift. So then people went back to work and they had a great