How to Stop a Wildfire by Valerie

We can stop wildfires from happening by keeping vehicles off dry gas and keep gas off. By making sure the fire is off when camping or make sure it’s not by anything that is dry and can make big fires or wildfire. Always make sure when doing fireworks check for any conditions or regulations before doing any firework. You can’t get anything that can be a wildfire near dry grass or you can’t put gas or fire it will make a wildfire can lead up to a wildfire, not all fires are bad but there are still some bad ones.

Stopping Fires by Elisia

There are many ways fires could be stopped. Rangers could make a line and fires could stop or slow down there. The Firefighters could put water all over the line and maybe that can help them stop it faster. Next, they can have smoke jumpers come for the hotspots and aircraft could spray that red stuff in the air to help it go down more. Another thing is to put lightning rods in forests to attract the lightning. This would be smart as there would be something to help stop lightning fires from starting. We have the tools to stop fires, we just haven’t thought outside the box yet.