Camping Responsibility by Hadley

We can prevent wildfires by being more careful while in nature or woods. After cooking smores on the fire Chloe asks her mom “Should we put the fire out before going to bed?” Her mom said, “That is a fantastic idea, Chloe.” Chloe went down to the lake, with a pot, and got some water to put the fire out. She walked back up to her campsite and poured the water on the fire. Chloe was proud of herself, because in school they learned to put fires out,  so they don’t get too big and create wildfires that destroy nature’s beauty. 

Really?!? by Aftyn

You can stop a fire by not having fires while camping. Or just make sure you put plenty of water in the fire so it does not start a fire. Some people light paper on fire and let it go and it could start a wildfire.  They do that to let bad memories go. I guess they do not know that can start a wildfire. Lightning can make a wildfire, but no one can stop lighting. There is a lot of reasons that can start a wildfire. Some people don’t get that some stuff can make a wildfire. 

Fire Common Sense by Emily

One thing you could do to stop wildfires is not leaving stuff on (like the stove or anything else). Also, if you go camping and you do a fire remember to splash water on it and stir it so it is cold, so it doesn’t stay burning all night long. This could cause a wildfire and firefighters would have to come. If they can’t put the fire out with water, they would need to have aircraft come and spread the retardant to try to get it out. Always expect fire to do the unexpected and to grow out of control.

Soup and Fire by Tanner

We can prevent forest fires by putting out our campfires after we’re done with them. Also, calling the firefighters when there is even a small forest fire. We can also prevent them by not letting the fire spread. One way we can keep forest fires from spreading is to throw water on any fire that you didn’t make on purpose (or that you didn’t make at all), as long as it is small. When you are camping, you can also put a lid on the fire if your soup in the pot catches on fire. Fire is kind of like humans. It needs air to live.

All Hail the Firefighter by Summer

Fire, fires all around the world are dangerous and have a possibility of risk of death. Fires are nothing to mess around with. That’s why there are people gathered to help fight these sources of heat and destruction. These special people are called firefighters. Their job is to protect us by reducing, containing, and putting out these fires. Saving us from every flame they can, risking their lives to save us all. Firefighters fight fire to protect nature, people, animals, and buildings. Sometimes fires threaten historic places and plants, this makes the fight more urgent. Firefighters are heroes, mostly unsung.