How to Stop a Wildfire by Valerie

We can stop wildfires from happening by keeping vehicles off dry gas and keep gas off. By making sure the fire is off when camping or make sure it’s not by anything that is dry and can make big fires or wildfire. Always make sure when doing fireworks check for any conditions or regulations before doing any firework. You can’t get anything that can be a wildfire near dry grass or you can’t put gas or fire it will make a wildfire can lead up to a wildfire, not all fires are bad but there are still some bad ones.

Fire Common Sense by Emily

One thing you could do to stop wildfires is not leaving stuff on (like the stove or anything else). Also, if you go camping and you do a fire remember to splash water on it and stir it so it is cold, so it doesn’t stay burning all night long. This could cause a wildfire and firefighters would have to come. If they can’t put the fire out with water, they would need to have aircraft come and spread the retardant to try to get it out. Always expect fire to do the unexpected and to grow out of control.