Smog vs. Clean Air by Jaden

So when people say that smog can give us less air when the yuck comes out of the factory. That kind of pollutants ruins the air quality because that smog is different from burning wood and even that is different from potatoes or sugar. When it goes in the air it spreads smell and it takes more air to keep going. Some people think that it just makes more clouds but really it gives us less clean air to breathe. As a result, there is less clean air to breath and to smell; to have clear clouds, skies, and oceans.

One thought on “Smog vs. Clean Air by Jaden”

  1. Hello Jayden, I like how you have shown that there are different opinions about pollution but then indicated that the differing opinions are not factual. This is a very persuasive technique. I think it was good, also, that you used such a powerful sentence to finish with. Well done.

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