The winner is? by Jake

 The winner is … If there was any person in the world that could win, who would you pick to win any award? I would probably pick one of my family members or one of my best friends to win the award. It could really be any award for sports or anything the kindest person or the most points in a football game any of my friends could win that award. So my winner is my mom and dad for taking care of me and trying their hardest for their family. That’s my winner. Who would you pick for the award?

Wrestling by Auria

As I watch Alise wrestle the boy to the ground, I notice the timer has 3 seconds left. I hear the Referee blow his whistle at 0. The next round starts, I have a match on the mat right next to them Alise reminded me. When she finished her match she would come watch mine. I started my match scared and afraid to lose to a boy, so I put my game face on and got on the mat. As I stared into his eyes I began to realized he was also afraid. My match ended And the winner was ME!  

Cross Country Race by Trevor

I was in a cross country race against my friends and we all knew that whoever won the others would be happy. We were racing for the cross country trophy. When the gun fired and we took off. I was in the lead, then one of my friends passed me I was in third place, but I wasn’t going to give up. I ran and ran focusing on my rhythm. I heard on the announcement, “The winner is… Trevor!” I couldn’t believe it. I won and I went back home to show my parents. They were so proud of me.

The Talent Show by Addison

This is a story about a girl named Sarah. She was a nerd and got made fun of by a group of girls she called the OMG Girls; Olivia, Mia, and Gaby.  One day there was a talent show with a hundred dollars prize. Of course, the OMG Girls signed up and so did Sarah. A week passed and it was time. The OMG Girls sang a song and a kid named Toby played the guitar. Sarah did a magic show. “This is the moment we all have been waiting for…. And the winner is…….Toby! Sarah was relieved that the OMG Girls hadn’t won.

Volleyball Districts by Chloe

“…And the winner is… the West Minico Volleyball Team!” I and my team were in Districts going against East Minico. We were the two best teams. The score was 24 to 25. We were at 25. If we got this point, we would win Districts! East served and the ball went over. It came right to me, I stuck up my hand and tipped it over. The Referee didn’t know if it went over or not. East said it landed on our side. But I’m sure it went over. They looked at the footage to see that it went over! We won by a finger.