i have never seen the river bed so dry

One day a long long time ago a family of 10 went on a summer camping trip. The family of 10 loved to go fishing every year. When the family went camping they always made sure to pack their fishing gear. Everyone was so excited to go fishing. On the day they were on their way to go fishing in this beautiful lake. When they arrived the lake had no water. The lake was dried up. In the lake there dead fish and animals. The family’s children were sad because they couldn’t go fishing. So the family just finished camping. The end

One thought on “i have never seen the river bed so dry”

  1. Hello! A lake near my home town dried up and it was very sad. It was usually beautiful with lots of people visiting. Like your lake the fish died and the smell was terrible. Luckily it is now looking beautiful again. I like how you built up interest by not going straight into the detail of the actual trip. It was good how you set the context first. Well done.

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