Dilemma by Anahy

This picture makes me feel that there is a lot of smoke in the air and it is very foggy wherever this is happening. I am also guessing that this is a factory with dirt on the ground. This makes me feel that it might be hard to see far away because of all the smoke. I feel that this is a factory for sugar, cheese, or any other factory that has smoke. I would not want to work in a factory with a lot of smoke around me all the time. I know that in the air it’s smoggy.

2 thoughts on “Dilemma by Anahy”

  1. I wouldn’t want to work their either although I am curious what made you think it could be a sugar or cheese factory. Maybe you could write a story about the people who have to work there or an adventure story about the animals that live nearby?

  2. Hello Anahy, I really like how you have been clear about the fact that you are only guessing about this picture. Without some factual text it often isn’t possible to draw specific conclusions. You have been able to show, though, that by using your personal experience and knowledge you can make some well informed guesses. By using the first person “I”, you have made it clear that this is only an opinion, but at the same time, it does encourage the reader to come up with their own opinion. Well done.

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