Depression and Hope by Pablo

From what I saw in the picture was depressing. There was a factory and it was polluting the air and that’s a big problem for the air that we breathe. That junk gets into the lungs of animals, of all kinds, and damages their bodies and lungs. The factory is also polluting the waters, rivers, and oceans and it’s killing all the underwater animals like fish, seahorses, crabs, and other life in the ocean.  Factory pollution would cover the whole oceans and earth because the earth is very big. That’s good because there is room for life to live and be happy.

One thought on “Depression and Hope by Pablo”

  1. Kia ora Pablo. Yes, you’re right – the picture is depressing and I’m so glad I’m not living in a place like that! You’ve made some great observations about the damage that pollution can cause. I really like how you’ve ended your story on a positive note though! Well done, and keep up the super writing Pablo.

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