Las Vegas Competition by Alyiah

The prize for the winner was two tickets to Las Vegas; if I did not get the prize I would be really mad after all I had worked really hard. The competition was really tough and focused. The acts were really apparent to me because they were repeats. I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas and this talent show was my best hope of going. I really wanted to win but another girl got it and not me. I’m mad. I will just wait until next year I won’t give up until I win. So never stop trying and believe in yourself.

Science Competition By Sam

It was when I was just a kid when I won the science competition in 1964. I still remember the last moments very clearly. My team built the first-ever artificial intelligence. It did all of your chores for you. I remember the judges’ eyes going over the paper. Then one of the judges stood up. I was really nervous. Time slowed down as he said, “And the winner is”…   The few moments when he said that were so scary that I almost passed out. Then he read my team and I’s names. We had a big celebration at Cafe Rio. 

Donation Drive by Kinzlee

And the winner is…. This week we are going to be having a Donation Drive at our school. Whoever donates the most money will win a prize. There are 3 prizes and 1 of them is a gift card to wherever you want and it has $150dollars on it. The other one is a hoverboard and the last one is AirPods. The reason our school is doing a donation is that we want to have a carnival at our school. We would like to win as much money as possible. I wouldn’t feel sad or mad because not everyone can win.

Championship by Tyson

The winner of the championship is West Minco. Playing 6th-grade football and going undefeated was a lot of fun but what was fun was hitting kids super hard and that was a lot of fun in the championship game the score was 6-0 and we won. With the team we had, it was one of the best teams in the state top 15 if we counted all of the 6th-grade teams in Idaho and the defends was the best but the offense had some problems but winning the championship was one of the best things ever in my life.

Snowman Building Competition by Letty

I was taking a walk and I came upon a sign that said SNOWMAN COMPETITION. I took the sign home and the reward was 200 dollars! So I went to sign myself up. Then I started making a giant snowman. I started building and I had finished. This was a fierce competition. When I was done, my snowman was destroyed. So I built another one. This one was made of ALL ice. No one was going to destroy this Snowman. I went to the judges and they came back and said the winner is…Letty! I won 200$! And I was thrilled.