Strength Competition by Noemi

A week ago we had a strength competition for the strongest girl in the county. If you were the winner, you would get a prize of 100 dollars. To me, it was very important because I liked winning and being in competitions. It took a long time because there were many girls. I and some other girls made it to the final. There were six of us out of 100 girls. I went against 2 of them, I won one and tied with the other. Then they said, and the winner was Noemi. I would’ve been devastated to lose after all the hard work.

Science Smarts by Elin

And the winner is… “I was breathing heavily hoping I would get chosen. It was for the science competition and I was against one of the smartest girls in our grade. The prize was a whole science kit to make a….. VOLCANO!! It was important to me to win because my family and I have been low on money and my sister wanted a science kit so much for her birthday. “Please God, I need this.” I thought to myself. “The winner is….” said the tall man with a scruffy mustache. “Is Martha!” said the man. “OH MY GOSH YES!!”

Perfect Spaghetti by Tanner

We were having a school competition to see who could cook the best. There were a total of 57 kids competing. The winner got to make lunch for a week for the school. The competition lasted for 3 days and each day there were 19 fewer kids. I really wanted to win because then I would be the first-ever sixth-grader to win the competition. I was really excited when I made it to the 3rd day of the competition, but at this point, it was sudden death for me. After the judges tasted my PERFECT spaghetti and salad. They announced that I won.