The Lorax by Lettycia

There was once a nice, big space of grass and trees. It was beautiful. Then one day I was walking my dog and then a tractor nearly ran me over! They were ruining the grass and the trees. They were bringing in cranes that were huge. Then ALL of a sudden…there was no green.  Then a couple of days later, I was walking my dog when I saw a MASSIVE factory. They destroyed a perfect park for a FACTORY. It just puts pollution ALL OVER. This made me mad and sad at the same time. Please stop all the pollution.

Uncertain by Daniel

It makes me feel like I’m stressed and anxious. It makes me happy kinda because smoke is coming out and it reminds me of something from my childhood. And the anxiety I don’t know why but I feel that. The smoke even makes me calm and when I see smoke I think something is burning and some ask for help. Like when I’m in a car and we’re driving I sometimes see smoke and I think that of is just a factory making some stuff. The clouds make me feel happy because they’re beautiful. 

Mad at Pollution by Christopher

The image on the screen makes me feel mad cause there is lots of pollution in the air because of these factories in the world which are killing animals and plants all over the world because these factories we have lots of pollution in the world today. All of the smoke in the air makes me feel sick because of how much is in the air. These big buildings producing this pollution are killing our earth and our communities. If this continues we will run out of animals and we will start dying because of this pollution around us all. 

Breathing by Angeles

What the picture shows is that there is too much smoke in the air and the smoke severely affects those who have asthma. Because if you have asthma, you can easily start coughing and having a hard time being able to breathe. Asthmatics would have to head inside to protect themselves from the smoke but if you don’t have asthma you would be fine-ish and would have a little cough, but a cough that is different from people who have asthma. So what I feel about this smoke in the air isn’t safe for people with asthma and no asthma.

Reality by Khane

This picture reminds me of pollution. Pollution means contaminants are put in the environment. So contaminants are being put in the earth’s atmosphere. That is sad. But another thing is the contaminants are building up which is causing global warming. That is also sad. It also harms people. Especially people with asthma. It makes it harder for them to breathe. That really troubles me. When the earth warms the arctic starts to melt. This would kill off some animal species and severely damage others. It would also cause the sea level to rise. Which will be bad for some areas.