Not in My Room by Melrose

This picture makes me have lots of confused feelings because it is all dark and it might be smoke. At the same time, it could be the food burning in the factories. There are also weird things next to it! It could be more buildings or factories that hold the food. They could be burning weeds, potatoes, beets, and more. This picture also makes me feel a little dark inside because there is lots of stuff in the air and everything is grey. I think the picture that is shown,  a picture that I would not like to keep in my room. 

Get real People by Aylin

The picture makes me feel very sad because it’s polluting the air. You won’t be able to breathe that well; sometimes we are killing the Earth and the forests are turning to ash and people are polluting the air with nasty stuff. Polluting the ocean and they think that is ok but it really isn’t, a lot of people can die from all this. We need to start saving the earth I believe that is why we have earth day. We need to make our earth very happy and healthy and plant more trees and pick up after ourselves.

Lots of Feelings by Cesar

Honestly, I don’t know how I feel but it makes me think that we are being destructive and destroying the world. It makes me feel mad too because that picture is sending toxic stuff up in the air that I breathe, they are trying to kill me! It makes me sad because there are living things up in the air that are important to me. It makes me feel worried about what can happen to the world, other people, my family, pets, friends, teachers, animals, and even enemies, it might change our or their lives. This is very sad.

Sick and Confused by Jayleigh

This makes me feel sick because the picture gives off that vibe that makes your chest hurt. It also makes me feel sad because all of the smoke is going into the air and making the air be filled with all that toxic junk that is mixed in with the smoke that comes out. Then another thing about the picture is how it makes you feel just confused. Why would the factories make the smoke come out not clean? I wonder because they could make the birds in the sky get sick. Or be unhealthy so that is it.

Dilemma by Anahy

This picture makes me feel that there is a lot of smoke in the air and it is very foggy wherever this is happening. I am also guessing that this is a factory with dirt on the ground. This makes me feel that it might be hard to see far away because of all the smoke. I feel that this is a factory for sugar, cheese, or any other factory that has smoke. I would not want to work in a factory with a lot of smoke around me all the time. I know that in the air it’s smoggy.