Small steps by Hadley

This horrific picture makes me feel sad. This picture is a form of pollution and pollution leads to global warming.  The picture is some type of factory. When the factory makes the things it makes, it releases chemicals into the atmosphere. Factories produce 1.2 trillion gallons of unnecessary waste into the water every year. This makes me feel like there is a way that we could stop this. Even if scientists can help, that does not mean that we can’t help as well. So I feel like everyone should take part in helping pollution stop. Every little bit helps so much. 

Consequence by Emily

Well, it’s kind of sad because just seeing all of that pollution there ruining the world with those pollutants. It’s just sad they are making the world crisis worse than it was. Now they’re getting everything on fire that people cause by not turning the stuff of like an oven, lights, campfire, unplug your charger, etc., and that just creates bad things; more pollution, more fire, more lives at risk, or animals. There are animals that are in danger; some don’t have stable homes like polar bears, the more they swim looking for food they lose calories die from starvation. 

Smog vs. Clean Air by Jaden

So when people say that smog can give us less air when the yuck comes out of the factory. That kind of pollutants ruins the air quality because that smog is different from burning wood and even that is different from potatoes or sugar. When it goes in the air it spreads smell and it takes more air to keep going. Some people think that it just makes more clouds but really it gives us less clean air to breathe. As a result, there is less clean air to breath and to smell; to have clear clouds, skies, and oceans.

Good-bye Sun by Aydi

A long time ago, in 1991 there was this factory that would pump smoke out in the air. One day this factory pumped out too much smoke, and the smoke in the air would combine and make clouds. The clouds would block the sun from hitting the town. When there is no sun hitting the town it gets cold because the sun creates heat, no sun no heat. They did not know how to make the pump stop so the smoke kept going and when there is too much smoke the air quality can get very bad for us humans.

Factory Scare by Acelynn

That picture makes me feel something, I honestly don’t know what. It’s like walking around the whole thing would make me feel kind of scared and I would feel like I’m going to get lost because it looks so big. It would kind of be hard to breathe because of all the smoke.  Also, I would wonder about what’s in the yellow building type things. I would also wonder what the brown-looking things are. The whole place seems like a factory and I think it is but I would feel scared because it looks so big and really scary.