100 WC nov. 16 Jamie

The leaves are falling rolling down the side of the white castle. Princess Alex loves to craft and is the most crafty one in the castle. Her little sister, Alana loves to roll down the hill on the west side of the castle. One night Alex snuck out of the window and she met a prince who helped her collect crafting supplies. It took all night to finish. At breakfast, she was not home and it was snowing, everything turned white. At the prince’s castle, Alex was safe and dry. She called home to let them know where she was.

One thought on “100 WC nov. 16 Jamie”

  1. I love the descriptions here, Jamie! You do a great job of describing where the story takes place in the first few sentences. I think there might be a comma missing in “. . . falling, rolling . . . ” though.

    The story’s plot sounds interesting. I wonder what Alana was doing while her sister snuck out? Still rolling down hills perhaps?

    Good work with this and keep writing!

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